Financial Advisors

Leverage Our Expertise. Set the New Standard.

Watkins Ross is committed to our partnerships with Financial Advisors. As a 100% employee-owned company, each employee has a personal stake in the success of our firm, which means we have a personal stake in your success too. Our diverse skill set enables us to consult on various retirement and health plan related concerns. We work with you to provide the highest levels of retirement plan and health actuarial services. Teaming with WR can help you increase client retention, enhance service offerings, grow your business and beat your competition by setting a new standard of service for Plan Sponsors.

Set The New Standard Brochure


WR teams up with Financial Advisors, providing a unified front to Plan Sponsors. We work together to develop the best solutions to meet plan needs. This team approach builds trust and loyalty with Plan Sponsors, increasing client retention.


Leverage our expertise to offer additional value to Plan Sponsors and participants. Whether there are questions regarding another type of plan or if you'd like a member of the WR team to join you at enrollment meetings to offer additional education to participants, our knowledge and expertise can be utilized to enhance your service offerings.


Utilizing our expertise in plan design and other consulting areas allows you to spend your time focused on what you do best: GROWING. YOUR. BUSINESS.


Through a partnership with WR, your enhanced service offerings and available time to focus on growing your business will give you an advantage over your competition.