Cash Balance Plans

The Watkins Ross Advantage

Watkins Ross has been designing and administering cash balance plans to provide strategically targeted benefits and increased tax-deferred savings since 1999. We allocate resources specifically to cash balance administration and make it a primary focus of our business including personnel, technology and education resources. Our expert team can help you determine the best plan design to achieve your corporate goals and better prepare your employees for retirement.

Who Should Consider a Cash Balance Plan

High-income earners that have been maxing out their profit sharing or 401(k) contributions but want to save more for retirement:

  • Professional Service Groups (Ex. Medical Practice Groups)
  • Multi-Generational Family Owned Businesses
  • Single Member S-Corporations Taking Large S-Corporation Distributions

Since cash balance plans allow high-income earners to save more for retirement, they have been a popular choice among medical/dental and law firms. However, recent findings noted that cash balance plans are on the rise and include an increasing diversity of companies adopting them.

Additional Questions

Our Cash Balance Plans Brochure includes additional information regarding cash balance plans. If you have questions or would like help determining if you should implement a cash balance plan, please contact David Paauwe, MSPA, EA at