Cash Balance Plans

Are you a member of a medical practice group, a partner in a multi-generational family-owned business, or the owner or shareholder of a single-member S-Corp with large S-Corp distributions? A cash balance plan may be the perfect fit for you. Cash balance plans allow high-income earners to benefit beyond the limitations of a profit sharing plan or typical 401(k) by providing a principal credit and interest credit each year within an individual “hypothetical” account. Each cash balance plan maintains a set of funding limits, requirements, and risks outlined in the plan documents; maximum allocation limits typically exceed limits in defined contribution plans. Learn more about cash balance plans, including details about annuity forms of payment, tax-deferred savings, and minimum funding requirements by browsing our cash balance plan articles on the Watkins Ross blog. Interested in discovering how a cash balance plan can enhance your retirement plan benefits? Connect with the Watkins Ross cash balance plan administration team to capitalize on our decades of experience designing and administering cash balance plans for a variety of business types and industries.