Non-Qualified Plans

Attract top executive talent to your employee roster and retain key management employees within your business with non-qualified retirement plans. Non-qualified plans enhance executive benefit packages and provide highly-compensated employees retirement investment opportunities beyond the limitations of qualified retirement plans. Employers choose from non-qualified plans like individual account plans, phantom stock plans, and stock appreciation plans to amplify and diversify their benefit plan options. Each non-qualified plan carries legal requirements, deduction options, and risk factors to consider. Learn more about non-qualified plans by exploring our non-qualified plan articles on the Watkins Ross blog. Considering a non-qualified plan strategy to entice executives to your business? Reach out to our non-qualified retirement plan team here to discover how Watkins Ross can design, implement, and administer a non-qualified plan that sets your business apart from the competition and earns the eyes and loyalty of top executives in your field.