Other Post-Employment Benefits

A great way to encourage employees to maintain employment until retirement is with the strategic use of other post-employment benefits, or OPEB. OPEB benefits commence after retirement to enhance and add value to standard retirement plans and pensions. Examples of other post-employment benefits include legal services, health plans to supplement or precede Medicare coverage, disability plans, and life insurance plans. By providing other post-employment benefits outside of a simple monthly pension or retirement plan payment, business owners provide motivational incentives to encourage employee retention and growth within the business. Other post-employment benefits do, however, come with some specific financial reporting liabilities. Ensure you’re compliant by reviewing our expertly-written OPEB articles on the Watkins Ross blog or connect with us here to receive a professional OPEB valuation. With the help of our experienced OPEB team, Watkins Ross can enhance your other post-employment benefits strategy, design the perfect plan structure for you, and provide solutions to reduce or eliminate your OPEB liability.