A 401(k) plan helps your employees save for their future by giving them the opportunity to invest a portion of their paycheck into an employer-sponsored retirement account. Employees can select to invest either pre-tax or after-tax dollars into diversified investment lineup within their 401(k) portfolio. Many 401(k) plans offer employer matching, to entice employees to contribute a specific percentage of their paycheck into the plan in exchange for a matching investment from you, their employer. Employer 401(k) benefits include tax deductions and competitive retirement plan packages to attract top talent to your team. Curious about 401(k) plan options, regulatory details, and contribution rules? Head over to the Watkins Ross blog to browse 401(k) articles written by our retirement plan experts who have your goals and interests in mind. Looking for a retirement plan partner who understands the intricacies of your business and can help guide your 401(k) plan goals and compliance efforts? Connect with the Watkins Ross retirement team here.