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A 401(k) plan is one of the most commonly known retirement saving plans sponsored by an employer. A 401(k) plan allows your employees to set aside money from their paycheck and invest it in the market. You can offer them the option to defer taxes on their account until retirement (pre-tax contributions) or pay the taxes upfront (Roth contributions) to withdrawal the money tax-free in retirement.

401(k) Plans with Watkins Ross

It’s a great option for employers because you will receive additional tax deductions while encouraging your employees to prepare for retirement. Employers may choose to match employee contributions or make a profit sharing contribution to the plan. Matching contributions are based on the amount an employee contributes, but Profit Sharing contributions may be made regardless of whether the employee is deferring into the plan.

What are your goals as an employer? To provide a comprehensive retirement plan as part of your benefits package that is competitive in your industry? To take advantage of tax breaks available to your company? To save more for your own retirement as a business owner?

At Watkins Ross, we partner with you to clearly define your objectives and create the 401(k) plan that will be successful for your business. Our team members are experienced experts in plan design, development and advanced compliance testing methods that allow you the optimal flexibility in the administration of your plan. We will communicate the complex 401(k) regulations in an easy to understand manner to your team so they can perform their roles with success.

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