Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)


Founded in 1948, Watkins Ross is a unique firm. As a 100% ESOP-owned company ourselves, we are acutely aware of the challenges and benefits of being an ESOP company. Consequently, we bring a uniquely qualified perspective to the issues ESOP participants and the decision makers deal with on a daily basis. We understand that comprehensive administration of an ESOP is required if a company intends to take full advantage of the various financial opportunities that sponsoring an ESOP can offer. From initial feasibility and design services to S-Corp anti-abuse testing and periodic repurchase obligation analysis, Watkins Ross helps our clients maximize the benefits of having an ESOP.

Watkins Ross is deeply engrained in the ESOP community. We are proud members of the ESOP Association and the National Center for employee Ownership (NCEO).

Is Your business a good candidate for an esop?

Our ESOP Checklist can serve as a general guide to help you determine if your company is a good candidate to sell to an ESOP. We are happy to discuss your completed checklist with you to help you work through the options.


Our ESOP Brochure includes additional information regarding ESOP plans and the services we provide. If you have questions or would like help determining if you should implement an ESOP, please contact David Bosch at dbosch@watkinsross.com.