Plan Documents

Plan documents are binding legal agreements that detail the provisions under which a retirement plan operates, the rights of plan participants, and the responsibilities of the plan sponsor and trustees. All qualified and non-qualified retirement plans are required to have a plan document and it is imperative that plans operate in accordance with the provisions of the plan document.

Our document services specialists monitor plan documents for compliance with federal regulations as well as the operational compliance of the plan. We also assist clients in the preparation and review of plan documents and amendments when necessary, document restatements when required, the submission of plan documents to the IRS for determination letters as well as the submission of plan documents for the IRS’ Voluntary Compliance Program. Watkins Ross sponsors a volume submitter prototype formatted adoption agreement to be utilized by our clients.

For our clients that do not utilize our plan documents, we provide a document compliance review service. The purpose of the review is to ensure the client’s plan documents and amendments (if applicable) are in compliance with current IRS Regulations.