Ho-hum, it’s another day in the life of a Retirement Plan Administrator.  March 15th came and went, so the first round of 401k plan testing is over. Is anything exciting happening in this field? Yes!

I recently attended the Michigan Chapter of the ESOP Association Annual Spring ESOP Conference and came back reinvigorated! If you have attended a presentation with Employee Owners speaking about their ESOP, you know what I mean. They have a fantastic spirit when discussing their roles and how it applies to ownership.

ESOP Owned Companies are unique through their values, integrity, teamwork and passion.

How can you learn more about ESOP’s?  Check out the ESOP Association website at www.esopassociation.org.

How can you get reinvigorated about your ESOP?  Attend an ESOP Association Conference.

Are you a CEO of an ESOP Company?  Attend an ESOP Association CEO Roundtable.

There are many ways to get involved and get reinvigorated!

Do you ooze ESOP?

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