Yeah, the new kit is here!

Sep 3, 2015 | Employee Stock Ownership Plans, Latest News

Yeah!  The new kit is here!  The new kit is here!

Every October, The ESOP Association and its members celebrate Employee Ownership Month (EOM). Each summer, the Press & Event Planning Kit, which highlights EOM activities of ESOP Association members, is shared with all corporate members to help generate event ideas.

Download your copy of the 2015 Press & Event Planning Kit

EOM is a celebration of the incredible spirit of employee ownership and an opportunity to educate employee owners about the tremendous benefits of ESOPs. It’s also an opportunity to educate the public, elected officials, and the media as to why employee ownership through ESOPs is good public policy and this Kit will help you in your endeavors.

Employee stock ownership through an ESOP is a very powerful thing, so get out there and tell your story!

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