Celebrating Your Employees

Feb 26, 2018 | Latest News

Did you know that Friday (March 2) is National Employee Appreciation Day?

Whether you believe engaged employees are more productive or that a work/life integration is more important than a balance, I think we can all agree that employee happiness has a positive impact on a firm. And let’s be honest….everyone likes to feel appreciated. This holds true whether you’re talking about your kids, your colleagues or your clients.

As Noted in the Human Factor article, Why Happy Employees are Winning Employees, “People want to make a difference in the workplace, and they want to win. Help them do both and they will buy into and feel good about what they do on the job. When people feel good about coming to work, they bring more of themselves to the job every day.”

Considering how much time we spend with our colleagues, it’s important to show each other appreciation. At Watkins Ross, we do this through our Employee Excellence Award. Our award structure is simple – at the end of each quarter, employees vote for the colleague they think is most deserving (the person that goes above and beyond). The winner is announced at a company luncheon and presented with a certificate and a cash prize. It’s a fun way to bring everyone together and celebrate our team. Plus, everyone loves a good lunch!

How do you celebrate each other at your company?

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