Business Tips

ESOP: Fast Facts & Planning Tips

The National Retirement Planning Coalition has designated April 11-15 as the 2016 National Retirement Planning week. In celebration, each day this week Watkins Ross will share some fast facts and planning tips on the various types of retirement plans we service....

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

This was my grandson’s first year of baseball. He was new to the game. I wanted him to succeed. I wanted him to love it. As an ESOP administrator, I love working with new ESOP clients. A new ESOP can be much like a child learning baseball; they must learn the basic...

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Who Should Consider a Cash Balance Plan?

The content below was originally posted 06/02/2015 and has since been updated. Click here to read the updated information.  Cash balance plans allow high-income earners to save more towards retirement than a defined contribution plan. Unlike a defined contribution...

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