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Proud of our Past, Committed to the Future

WR Mission Statement

“Proud of our Past, Committed to the Future in providing specialized employee benefit services”

This statement was commissioned by Dick Ross several years ago and has significant meaning, still today.

Watkins Ross has been in business for over 65 years and has had an ESOP in place for over 25 years. The company has persisted despite changes in ownership. The employees representing Watkins Ross have honorable and creditable character. We are PROUD of our company.

Watkins Ross has a total of over 637 years of service and experience. Watkins Ross is a 100% ESOP owned company with continued increase in Value (appreciation) of its’ Stock. Watkins Ross has an awesome PAST.

Watkins Ross employees are Dedicated, Loyal, Focused, and Entrusted. Watkins Ross employees are COMMITTED.

Watkins Ross continues to grow and evolve. The Baby Boomers retire and the Gen X and Gen Y are educated. New ‘retirement ready’ visions are being established. Watkins Ross continues to ‘provide solutions’ for the FUTURE.

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